Priscilla the Party! | Here at the Outernet | Review

Priscilla the Party!

Here at the Outernet

With an increasing amount of immersive experiences becoming available, art instillations, theatre dining and more, it is not surprising that theatre is evolving as well. 

In  2019, Mamma Mia the Party! opened at the 02 and the theatre party was born, last year, The bridge theatre took  ‘promenade performances’ to a whole new level with Guys and Dolls…..But now we have a new experience in town and  it is certainly ‘brighter and more gayer, in every sense of the word, than any other I have seen to date.

Based on one of my favourite musicals of all time, Priscilla Queen of the Desert has been reimagined to create the perfect celebration of life and inclusivity. The story remains the same as the Oscar winning film and the multi award winning stage musical about three drag queens crossing the Australian outback in a bus.  However instead of sitting and watching at the theatre, audiences have the choice whether to have a premier dining experience, a seated experience or to have standing tickets where they can join the party on the dance floor. The cast and stage smoothly move around so party goers are up close and personal with the cast and have a truly unique experience.

Honestly, the experience is so much fun, with photo opportunities before the show, food and drink sold before, during and post performance and with a disco afterwards, what is there not to like?

The show itself is outstanding, the entire cast exemplary, the music buoyant and with over 500 costumes and 200 head-dresses, it was visually stunning. I would thoroughly recommend the experience for an unusual, fun and faaaaabulous experience which will send you smiling all the way home and wondering how soon you can go again.


Reviewer: Sammi O’Neill

Photos: Marc Brennan

Casting for Priscilla the Party

Trevor Ashley plays ‘Gaye Cliché’,
Owain Williams plays ‘Tick’ / ‘Mitzi’,
Dakota Starr plays ‘Bernadette’
Reece Kerridge plays ‘Adam’ / ‘Felicia’,
Grace Galloway, Gracie Lai and Sara Louise as the ‘Divas’
Steven Serlin as ‘Bob the Mechanic’,

Also in the cast, Joni Ayton-Kent as Alternate ‘Bernadette’, John McGlone, Matthew Facchino, Isidro Ridout, Brandon Gale, William Elijah-Lewis, Samuel Stokes, Dan Holland, Kimberly Blake, Lucy Park, Maria Myatt and Teagan Denham.