Relaxed Performances in London and the South East

Theatre South East supports Relaxed Performances.

Relaxed performances are specially adapted performances for adults and children who have autism, learning difficulties or sensory communication disorders and are thankfully becoming more regular in local and West End Theatres.

Although adjustments vary from theatre to theatre and on the production, they may include:

A more welcoming foyer with quiet or activity areas.

The show may go ahead with the house lights in the auditorium dimmed or on.
There may be no loud or sudden noises in the production.
There may be no strobe or special lighting effects.
Any music will be played quieter.

There will be a more informal atmosphere in the auditorium, where audiences may be free to move around and noises from the audiences will be tolerated.

Theatre staff often have special training to help at these performances.

Check with the theatre first and they will tell you what to expect.

Relaxed Performances in London and the South East.

2nd Jan 2020, 6pm
Peter Pan
Capitol Theatre Horsham

The immortal tale of the boy who wouldn’t grow up has been given a brand new pantomime treatment with an injection of pop and musical theatre songs, colourful sets and costumes, corny and clever gags and thoroughly family friendly entertainment.

This particular performance will be suitable for children/adults/families who would enjoy a quieter show, adapted to their needs with less special effects, softer sound and the house lights left up.

A more informal atmosphere will give families the chance to move around and talk. This performance is intended specifically to be accepting and sensitive to those who may benefit from a relaxed environment, including (but not limited to) those with Autistic Spectrum Conditions, individuals with sensory or communication disorders or learning disabilities.

A BSL interpreter will be at this performance for our Deaf or Hearing Impaired audience members.

FREE tickets for Carers are available for this performance through their Assisted Access Scheme. Further details of this scheme are available from The Capitol Box Office on 01403-750220.