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SammiSammi O’Neill

Editor, Founder and all round theatre lover! I love to work on Theatre South East and hope that you enjoy reading it and find it useful.
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Guest Reviewers

Zarina de Ruiter

Going to theatre school as a child and participating in the musicals in high school, Zarina has always been a lover of the stage. She wouldn’t say it was the main reason for making the move from the Netherlands to London in 2010, but it totally was. Besides theatre, her other big passions are literature and travel, and she can be found writing about that and all the other fun things she gets up to in London (outside of her day job as a Digital Content Editor) on her blog Page to Stage Reviews.

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Alice Foster

Partaking in acting groups from a young age, Alice has always been a fan of the theatre and losing herself in a performance. An actor firstly – as well as director, stage manager and producer, she sees the performance from all angles to help give a rounded, fair review. When not on stage pretending to be someone else, Alice can usually be found stuck behind a desk with her nose in a book or in the theatre watching other shows.

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Jemma GouldJemma Gould

Jemma trained at The Redhurst Schools of Dancing and the London Studio Centre. She has worked as a dancer for choreographers such as Supple Nam, Jane Coulston and Emmeline Cresswell and has toured internationally with Jean Ann Ryan Productions as a dancer and aerialist. Jemma’s choreography credits include the London Studio Centre, the Tabard Theatre, Balls in the Air Productions and Vervain Theatre.

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Sandra Jenkins

I worked as in the West End theatre ticketing business for over 16 years selling shows to the public and obtaining difficult ticket requests for the concierge market so can appreciate shows from the audience perspective. Before I retired in 2016, I worked as Assistant Programmer for the four theatres of Worthing dealing with the financial side of staging a show and producers and promoter direct.

Now that I have more time on my hands
I regularly attend new shows and enjoy writing customer reviews

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Stephen SheldrakeStephen Sheldrake

Since graduating in a media and creative writing degree from Chichester, Stephen has setup to build a career of creativity in the arts. After working at the Chichester Festival Theatre he has now moved to Worthing Theatres Marketing team. He aspires to see as many productions as possible and loves theatre, film and storytelling.

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Hannah Todd

I have always been interested in theatre and acting, and have performed in several productions throughout my life. I enjoy all aspects of theatre, including traditional and modern plays, live music, circus, and dance. I love to review entertainment, and to let people know what great shows are out there!’.

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Julie WarwickJulie Warwick

I really enjoy live performances of theatre, music and dance and have no practical experience of this field apart from terrifying school orchestra performances!
I appreciate the talent of all performers and find the live experience and interaction with the audience thrilling.
I consider theatre to be an active experience. I like to be entertained, moved and made to think.

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We are always being invited to review shows if London and the South East, if you have a flair for writing, you love theatre and would like to join our team of reviewers just drop us a line and we shall send you details.

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