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Wise Children
York Theatre Royal
Online Broadcast

It is a strange time indeed when we find ourselves with all the theatres closed and no forthcoming date for the lock down in our lives to end.  However, that said we are able to access productions on our screens and although losing much of the magic and atmosphere of a live show, performances nevertheless are attainable.

Charismatic actor/director Emma Rice needs no introduction from her fabulous Kneehigh productions, her time as Artistic Director at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and now with the new company she has launched Wise Children with a production of the same name.  She has adapted Angela Carter’s 1991 novel which provides Emma with a myriad of opportunities to input her wonderfully imaginative and innovative form of strong storytelling.  She has never been one to shy away from uncomfortable issues and this is a tale of loss, survival, mourning, abuse, illegitimacy but above all love and identity.

Theatreland is the backdrop to this uninhibited narrative focusing on illegitimate twins Nora and Dora as they reminisce their scandalous family history.  A standout ensemble cast sing and dance their way through this comedy and bring the characters to life in the surreal and emotional saga.

Despite accessing this on a very small screen the energy and vitality of this skilful production bursts through and coupled with puppetry, some ingenious costumes and an aging caravan, this uplifting theatrical vision is complete.


Reviewer: Jill Lawrie

Photo Credit: Steve Tanner