Thriller Live | 6th Anniversary | Booking extended to 6th Sept 2015

Thriller_Escalator_572x419_Feb_2015_Layout 1Celebrations on Shaftesbury Avenue today (January 22nd) as Thriller Live starts its 7th year in the West End – by breaking yet more records! Thriller Live has also recently extended its booking period at the Lyric Theatre to 6 September 2015.

Tito Jackson, who was guest of honour at the star-studded opening night at the Lyric Theatre in 2009 and has seen it several times since with the rest of the Jackson brothers, has this week been speaking to the world’s press about the global success of Thriller Live.

“It makes me feel very proud to see a show of this magnitude. It captures the personality of my brother, Michael, We always get new fans and new generations. One of the beautiful things about my brother’s career is its longevity and the multiple generations of fans who enjoy it. His music has lived a long time, the songs are evergreen and will last forever.”Tito Jackson.


Thriller Live recently became the 20th longest running musical in the history of the West End. This Sunday, January 25, the cast will perform their 2,530th show at the Lyric Theatre and overtake the record set by Grease to rise to 19th position on the chart.

 “January 22, 2015 is yet another amazing milestone in the history of our show. It is only truly exceptional shows that run this long in the West End and we are very grateful to the fans of Michael Jackson and West End theatre audiences who have taken the show to their hearts. It is an honour for us to keep the music of Michael Jackson alive and bring it to the next generation of theatregoers. Michael Jackson was known as a perfectionist and we constantly strive to ensure that Thriller Live, celebrating the genius of his songwriting, ground breaking live performances and trend-setting dance moves, is the very best experience it can be for his fans and music lovers worldwide. Unlike other West End shows Thriller Live is constantly evolving and we have exciting plans for 2015 with the introduction of some new material and additional special effects added” Producers Paul Walden & Derek Nicol

Thriller Live continues to set and break records and visit new territories around the globe. To date it has now performed to standing ovations in 28 countries from South Korea to Norway, and South America to China. The latest world tour is currently playing in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia for the first time – the 29th, 30st and 31st countries to present it.

Thriller Live
Photo attached shows The opening night of Thriller Live on January 22, 2009
(left to right) Musical Director John Maher, creator Adrian Grant, Tito Jackson and Director/Choreographer Gary Lloyd

Thriller Live brings to life on stage the distinctive high-energy dancing and pulsating sound of many of pop’s greatest hits, blending eye- popping video footage and effects together with dazzling choreography by the show’s award-winning director Gary Lloyd.


Conceived and created – Adrian Grant, a long time associate of Michael Jackson,
Directed by – Gary Lloyd

Produced by Paul Walden and Derek Nicol for Flying Music in association with Adrian Grant for Key Concerts.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday THRILLER LIVE, hoping we get to see you soon, you’re still on our list to do 🙂


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