The Exploded Circus | Pavilion Theatre, Worthing | Review

Exploded Circus
The Exploded Circus
Pavilion Theatre Worthing
18 – 20 May 2018

Exploded Circus

“I haven’t seen this sort of thing in a long time”

…my audience-neighbour tells me as the lights go down, and I must confess, I hadn’t seen this sort of thing ever. But if you too have yet to experience the delight of contemporary circus, don’t let the opportunity of The Exploded Circus pass you by. The latest creation by all-female circus troupe Mimbre, directed by Lina Johansson, is a wonderful fusion of acrobatics, aerial acts, juggling, storytelling and more.

The set alone deserves a special mention; remnants of a circus Big Top hang suspended above the stage, from silks and hoops to lone bicycle wheels. As the six performers slowly emerge into their fractured environment, they begin to weave together a new story of circus, one of discovery and mischief and endless fun.

There’s a little something for everyone in The Exploded Circus; as the Ring Master, Arielle Lauzon’s tumbling skills are absolutely spot on and there’s an innovative slack rope sequence with Lauzon and Alice Allart, but a personal highlight for me was the aerial work performed by the entire cast. Some of the spoken elements were a little lost in the vast space, but it didn’t hinder my appreciation of the spectacle.

This production is simply wonderful. Suitable for the whole family, it serves as a marvellous introduction to circus performance, as well as allowing us to glimpse the future of the artform. A magical evening.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Reviewer: Jemma Gould



The Exploded Circus at the Pavillion Theatre, Worthing 18th – 20th May 2018.

Fri-Sat 8pm, Sat-Sun 2.30pm
Further dates available at

Director: Lina Johansson
Production designer: Loren Elstein
Composer: Quinta
Lighting designer: Amy Mae
Aerial choreography consultant: Mélissa Colello

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