Richard Lewis | Peppa Pig’s Adventure | Interview

Children’s favourite Peppa Pig will be coming to the Theatre Royal Brighton on January 20th and 21st in her new show Peppa Pig’s Adventure. Director Richard Lewis tells us more…


What can we expect from Peppa’s brand new outing?


Peppa Pig’s Adventure takes us on a camping trip with Peppa and friends led by Madame Gazelle and Daddy Pig. There are lots of stories to be told and songs to sing before they all head off on their exciting adventures – and all the children are invited to come along.


What makes the Peppa Pig live on stage so special for a young audience?


The children and parents who come along to see Peppa live on stage will have been following her adventures through the animated television series. They love to see all the characters and what they get up to. Here they have an added thrill because, there, in front of all their eyes, are their heroes in 3D talking directly to them and inviting them to come on their adventures. When Peppa herself walks on stage the children go absolutely wild with excitement!


Is there some magic to presenting Peppa Pig live on stage?


The magic is already there – the characters are the magic. However, you do have to take into consideration the concentration span of younger children. I make sure that something new happens on stage at least every 9 to 12 seconds: this can be a new character coming on stage, or a new song, or some sort of audience participation. Parents love the characters too and we find that they become just as involved as their children, which makes the whole family experience one that is truly magical. I am lucky in that I was a drama teacher in a past life and that has given me great insight into what appeals to children on the stage.


What’s new to look forward to in this latest adventure?


As well as a new story for audiences to enjoy, all the songs are original and written specifically for our pre-school audience. We are especially excited to have Gerald the Giraffe join us along with Madame Gazelle for the very first time and many more of Peppa’s friends.


Who decides what adventures Peppa will be going on when she takes to the stage?


I am extremely lucky and privileged to have the task of adapting Peppa’s stories for the stage. And two very creative musicians supply all the new musical material, they are called Mani and Matt. They have written 7 new songs for this latest adventure.


Have you any final words for all those excited children who can’t wait to see Peppa live?


We have another great Peppa adventure for children their friends and family. It’s colourful, exciting, joyful and fun for all. But more importantly, Peppa can’t wait to meet you all.