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Garrick Theatre until January 15th

Potted Panto Garrick Theatre CREDIT Geraint Lewis

Potted Panto | Review


With pantomime season well and truly upon us and theatres up and down the country are beginning their busiest time of the year producing magical tales of glass slippers, huge beanstalks and magic genies it is often confusing which pantomime to see. If deciding which pantomime to visit is tricky this year, the answer may just be Potted Panto running until January 15th at the Garrick Theatre in the heart of London.

Performed by just two actors, Dan Clarkson and Jefferson Turner using the magic formula that was so successful in their previous shows Potted Pirates and Potted Potter, they present (very) abridged versions of six traditional pantomime tales (or is it 12?) in a mere 80 minutes.

The concept sounds crazy, and it is. The madcap duo energetically race through the stories aided only by imaginative costumes and a simple backdrop. With all the chaos that ensues Jeff tries to explain to the bumbling Dan about pantomime traditions and audience participation, yet Dan cannot see why at Christmas time the baddies are always treated unfairly.   

All the panto elements are there, Dan plays many different parts, including BOTH of Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters as well as Prince Charming (Huzzah!) whereas Jeff volunteers to play each title character before realising  many of them are females who have horrid things happening to them.

Potted Panto Garrick Theatre CREDIT Geraint Lewis

There is lots of slapstick, poo and vomit jokes, innuendos, satirical jokes, a  songsheet and even an hilarious 3D section, the boys cram a lot into their 80mins.

Although Potted Panto does not have the glitzy magic of a real pantomime, children young and old were just as entranced and certainly were just as much involved than if there were a cast of 50 and a horse drawn carriage with real ponies.

Reviewer : Sammi O’Neill

Photos : Geraint Lewis


Potted Panto is playing at the Garrick Theatre until January 15th

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Potted Panto Garrick Theatre CREDIT Geraint Lewis