Sammi O’Neill


Theatre South East launched in November 2014. It was originally an off-shoot from my personal blog shortly after I realised that I was far more interested in talking about theatre than I was about myself.

Many years ago I dabbled in Amateur Dramatics (which is where I met my husband) I played a mixture of roles in farces, melodramas, serious plays and pantomime, my favourite roles were Margot Frank (in the diary of Anne Frank) and Robin Hood in Babes in the Wood, a pantomime rarely seen now.

I previously wrote a theatre column in The Stafford Post and presented a weekly ‘Songs from the Shows’ programme on the local hospital radio station. That was in the days before the Internet though and things have changed a lot since then.

Now apparently enthusiasts ‘blog’.  I am enthusiastic about the theatre therefore it was a natural progression for me to start blogging about theatre.

Since moving from Stafford to West Sussex (via Hong Kong) I have spent many years visiting local and London theatres, reviewing shows and spouting theatre news. I know a fair bit about ‘what’s on, where and when’ and am thrilled to see how Theatre South East has grown since it’s launch as a result. I have now taken on extra reviewers to help me.

I am also one of the founders of TheatreBloggers a Community of Arts enthusiasts.

All this keeps me very busy as I balance Theatre South East, my fluctuating job as a freelance administrator and my wonderfully supportive family, but I am living life to the full and wouldn’t have it any other way.