Has the @westendproducer de-masked?

Whatsonstage article (April 1st 2014)

News today from What’s on Stage – I wanted to have my first experience o051c18_5fb53563bd574d28975cbd7301efba43.jpg_srz_p_180_135_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzf re-blogging today but apparently I can only reblogg wordpress stuff – fairnuff.

But take a read, of the article above

As you will see from my comment at the bottom….

Still wary…Need more proof. Why de-mask on April 1st?!? If it is true I shall certainly miss the mystery. I was one of your first followers @westendproducer and shall certainly still follow you Billy / West End Producer / other #dear and by the way – if that IS the end of the West End Producer – can I have one of your jackets?

@westendproducer has delighted those of us on twitter for months now with his hilarious tweets about the world of theatre / TV / other. His competition ‘Search for a twitter star’ and his book,  ‘Everything you needed to know about acting, but were afraid to ask #dear’ added to the mystery.

051c18_97e1e72521344171b758a94854612e3a.jpg_srz_p_185_240_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzI have the GREATEST of respect for Bill Kenwright and love his work but is this story true or is he a willing part of an incredible April fools scam? Westendproducer is tweeting madly that it is true……oh dammit. #confused.

Maybe I am just wary as I have already fallen a friend’s joke this morning, believing wholeheartedly that she is having triplets – actually she might be, she hasn’t denied it yet.

Bill Kenwright, cannae believe it.

I have seen westendproducer at many events, marvelling how he copes in that latex mask and outrageous jackets, and now we learn that he has an Everton shirt under all that garb as well – unbelievable (and probably a little sweaty). Dedication to the art of deception, it must be a relief to finally strip away the mask and everything else.

I have also wondered for the LONGEST time who the hell he is? Really a West End Producer or just someone with amazing marketing skills which have landed him a place in the theatre world’s elite. Looks like he is both.

But HOW oh HOW has this been kept the best secret, yes I have googled and googled and found not a snip about his identity, not a snip, hats off Mr Kenwright I applaud you!


So time will tell, is it Bill Kenwright or an April Fool? The twitter world has gone mad with #WEPunmasked, so I guess the mystery may have come to an end….I shall miss the mask…..

1h  God it feels good to get that off my chest. It’s been a hell of a ride. Emotional, naughty & fun.

1h  I just felt it was time to reveal myself. The mask was getting old, and it was taking over my life.

Updated 14:40 April 1st…..

Just been out to lunch to celebrate that the mystery is back on….. Yes It was an April Fool.

Thank you @westendproducer and  @whatsonstage for providing me with a very entertaining morning.  FANTASTIC!

Now……Is my mate having triplets?




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