Carley Stenson | Some Girl(s) | Interview

Carley Stenson Joins Buckland Theatre Company to play Bobbi in Neil LaBute’s dark comedy Some Girl(s) due to open on the 14th July at the Park Theatre.  She has had extenstive theatre credits which include Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (UK Tour), Spamalot (Playhouse Theatre), Shrek The Musical (Theatre Royal Drury Lane), and Legally Blonde (Savoy Theatre), she has also appeared as Steph Cunningham in Hollyoaks.

Carley Stenson

Carley Stenson | Interview


If you could describe Some Girls in one sentence what would you say?

A play about the grey area in relationships and our sometimes naturally strange human behaviour



How is the rehearsal process going? Is there anything you are finding particularly challenging and how will you overcome it


I am loving the rehearsal period with the cast and Gary Condes our director. It is quite intense and gloriously indulgent. To have a lovely amount of time to really dig deep inside the characters and find all those little traits and thought processes. We want there to be no divide between ourselves and them. We have to connect and live and breath their decisions. It can be quite tricky to to let yourself go and use such strong emotions when they come through. But day by day it is becoming more natural to do so.



The play is about a guy making amends for ‘dumping’ girls in his past. How would you describe Guys actions? Are they in any way justifiable?


I believe Guy was thoughtless in his actions but not malicious. He has been cowardly and selfish. But he gets you to realise that we all have been at times on our lives.



Have you ever been dumped? If so how did you cope?


I must have been dumped when I was growing up….I think it helps you develop as an all-round person if you have rubbish that comes with the good. I know I’ve been gutted in the past when relationships haven’t worked out, but I’ve always been quite a confident, optimistic person and moved on whilst keeping healthy relationship with those people. Life is too short. I guess it’s easier now to look back with perspective and hindsight and not be disappointed with however the outcome was, as I’m extremely happy and all those choices have led me where I want to be. Here!



What do you hope to get out of this role?


I hope to fully connect with Bobbi and the emotions Guy has put her through so I feel absolutely exhausted each night after the show because I have it my all. I want to feel like everything is real and raw and that I’m not faking it! I want the audience to laugh and cry with us!



Some Girls is described as a dark comedy. Do you hope it will make people laugh out loud.


There are some moments in Some Girl(s) where I laughed out loud when I first read it. So I do hope people find it funny. But the moments that really get my laughing now are the ones when our female characters are in disbelief at the lack of judgement from Guy. I am sure there are parts in this play that each audience member can connect with differently and perhaps surprise us with their reactions to maybe a distant memory they’ve revisited and had a laugh to themselves.



What are you looking forward to most about working at the Park Theatre?


I’ve heard great things about The Park Theatre. It’s up and coming and has fantastic work there… the new place to be! I love how it’s self-contained with its own cafe and the location is perfect. I can’t wait to call it my London home for the month!! Get my kettle out and settle in ?

Some Girl(s) - Bobbi (Carley Stenson), Lindsay (Carolyn Backhouse), Tyler (Roxanne Pallett) and Sam (Elly Condron). Credit Darren Bell (2).jpg
Photo Credit : Darren Bell



Carley Stenson will be performing in Some Girl(s) at the Park Theatre between 14th July and the 6th August.
Written by Neil LaBute
Directed by Gary Condes

14 July – 6 August 2016
Tuesday – Saturday evenings 19.45
Thursday and Saturday matinees 15.15