Calling all Theatre Bloggers

Theatre South East had humble beginnings, I was running my own personal (call it lifestyle if you like) blog but as I went to the theatre rather a lot the majority of my posts were theatre-related.

It would have remained that way if my posts hadn’t been spotted by Rebecca Felgate who at the time worked for OfficialTheatre. She had  this incredible idea to gather a group of like-minded theatre bloggers together and create a real community of people who enjoy the theatre.

We are a real mixed bag, we blog for different reasons, we like different things, but we all have one thing in common – our love for theatre.

Partly due to being mentored by Rebecca, partly by sheer graft and partly by the support of many of my local theatres Theatre South East has grown and grown and is hardly recognisable from it’s launch last November.

One thing I have learned……. Productions need publicity, they need bums on seats, they need the word out there. What better way to do that is through blogs like Theatre South East. Bloggers have a voice, we have opinions. The #ldntheatrebloggers are becoming more respected within the industry and are regularly offered complimentary theatre tickets in return for an honest review.

I have now joined forces with West End Wilma and Rebecca Felgate and together we have created The idea is simple…. we work with PR agencies and theatres to supply bloggers to events and productions. In return for complimentary tickets the bloggers then will give honest reviews on their own websites maximising publicity for the production.

TheatreBloggers is not restricted to London, we intend working with bloggers, theatres and PR companies nationwide so if you would like to get involved do get in touch. Our database of theatrebloggers has over 200 bloggers on it with room for more and so if you need bloggers for your event get in touch!

For more details and to be put on our database please visit and get reviewing!

or follow us on twitter @theatreblogs


If you haven’t got your own site but fancy reviewing for Theatre South East – get in touch, currently seeking enthusiastic reviewers so that we can cover more productions!

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