Tango Moderno | Tour | Review

Tango Moderno | Review

The Hawth, Crawley,
27th -31st March 2018

Touring the UK and currently playing at The Hawth Theatre, Crawley 27th – 31st March, Tango Moderno, is the latest of Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace’s stunning shows. The dancing duo have co-choreographed with Karen Bruce a refreshingly modern and spectacular show. Unlike previous shows, which have followed a more structured storyline, Tango Moderno attempts to bring dance and love into our lives through everyday modern scenarios, presented by the excellent supporting dance company and held together by the rhyming narration of the street poet, Tom Parsons.

Vincent and Flavia interweave throughout the show, acting as “cupids” of dance and expression of feelings upon the singletons spreading love and passion. The scenarios include mini stories touching on reflection of one’s younger self, modern-day chores, an excellent commuting scene and the entertaining dating app scene, to name a few. Tango is not the only dance of choice for this show with “Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha”, street dancing, jive and quickstep making this performance more than a dance show but a real theatrical event.

It has to be said that the anticipation of just Vincent and Flavia dancing on stage was almost palpable. And they take the time to please the audience, totally showcase their amazing footwork, professional chemistry and their passion for the Tango proving their world-class dance status. They really are breathtakingly good. Saying that the dance company are fantastic and I particularly liked the all-male bench choreography.  Rebecca Lisewski also stands out as not just a dancer but as the wonderful voice accompanying so many of the dances and the comical solo act of Three Handed Woman. Equally, Oliver Lewis performs a violin solo proving that he is still the Guinness Book record holder as the fastest violinist, simply amazing.

With such an amazing team, Vincent and Flavia’s Tango Moderno is a sure hit, to be added to their three previous successful shows, no longer needing “The Strictly label” to entice dance lovers to the auditorium, Vincent and Flavia command and have the attention of an audience of their own.

Reviewer: Julie Warwick

Photo: Manuel Harlan


Tango Moderno will continue to play at The Hawth Crawley until the 31st March 2018: Tickets here

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