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Peter Pan Goes Wrong
Theatre Royal Brighton

until 23rd November 2019

Peter Pan Goes Wrong – Review

Mischief by name, Mischief by nature!

Mischief Theatre’s “Peter Pan Goes Wrong” has crashed into the Theatre Royal Brighton for November. From the company that brought us “The Play That Goes Wrong” and “A Comedy About a Bank Robbery”, this Not-A-Pantomime will keep you on your toes for unexpected and hilarious surprises throughout.

We once again join the unfortunate members of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society as they attempt to stage a “traditional Christmas vignette”. Chris Bean, President of the CPDS begins by explaining that they are very proud of their dramatic production for Christmas (not a Pantomime – oh, no it in’t) and that they have a much larger budget than previous years. This budget appears to have afforded them a wonderful, elaborate set with surprises around every corner.

Sections of the stage collapsing, actors who haven’t learnt their lines, and anything you could possibly imagine going wrong with ariel performance, “Peter Pan Goes Wrong” is a delight from start to finish. The rotating set is used wonderfully for gags such as “accidentally” revealing actors on their break, personal arguments backstage, and stagehands attempting to fix glaring issues with the electrics. But sometimes it’s the simple gags that are the funniest: actors being unaware that props are painted onto the backdrop; crocodiles on skateboards.

Despite the comic nature of the production, the characters are all fantastically 3-Dimentional. The audience finds themselves all rooting for characters to take their big break on stage, or for the actors of the CPDS to work out their personal problems. Tom Babbage really tugs at the heartstrings as Max, a gentle character forced to compete with Ciaran Kellgren’s delightfully arrogant Jonathan. Phoebe Ellabani’s performance(s) is also fantastically entertaining, as – playing four roles – her character Annie struggles as a quick-change artist.

“Peter Pan Goes Wrong” holds true to the traditional plot points of Peter Pan (with twists along the way), lovingly re-thought for the 21st Century as an excellent alternative Pantomime suitable for all the family. The audience may find themselves applauding a different hero than they anticipated, but you’ll still find yourself clapping if you believe in fairies.

Reviewer: Hannah Todd

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“Peter Pan Goes Wrong” is showing at the Theatre Royal Brighton from Tuesday 19th November – Sunday 24th November.

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