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Louise Jameson is due to star in Cinderella in Tunbridge Wells this Christmas as the Fairy Godmother. She is a classically trained actress whose first love is the stage but she also became known to millions of British television viewers through her roles in such hugely popular television series as Doctor Who (1963), Tenko (1981), Bergerac (1981) and EastEnders (1985).

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Louise Jameson and Dani Harmer


Louise Jameson


You have been an actress for over 40 years and even turned down Hollywood for Shakespeare.  You have also appeared in some great iconic shows such as Doctor Who & East Enders.  What are your best memories? 

LJ: Tenko – without doubt…. Fabulous women, weirdly LOTS of laughing, and it was also the time that I had my two babies, so life changing events – vibrant, fabulous time of my life.


In Doctor Who, you played the Doctor’s companion, Leela – the primative warrior, in the late 70s, opposite the legendary Tom Baker.  If time travel were possible, would you rather go back and do some things differently or would going to the future be better so you can see the outcome of various things going on in your life? 

LJ: I would like to go back to my maternal great grandmother and then go forward to my great granddaughter and see where the influences have stayed or fallen away. I wouldn’t go back and change anything… there are regrets but VERY few, and it is much better to regret what you have done than regret what you haven’t. Mine is a life LIVED.


Would you ever go back into EastEnders if asked? 

LJ :They’ve given me an (off screen) fatal heart attack, so that’s me out of EE for good.


You are local to the area. What do you love the best about Tunbridge Wells?

LJ : I love it that town and countryside are both within a 15 minute reach. I LOVE the Beacon – best pub and restaurant in the country, is on my doorstep. I love the unpolluted night sky. I love my neighbours and a couple of incredibly good friendships I have formed in the area. Here’s to the next 25 years!


Tell me about panto – have you always loved it? Did you go and see any pantomimes when you were younger? 

LJ : Every year we went to a panto. I remember Puss from Puss in Boots coming through the auditorium and rushing up to hug him/her and the whole audience going ‘aaaaaah’ and being shocked that anyone was watching, and a little embarrassed. I was so convinced it was just me and the cat. That’s what we panto-ers do for the next generation, weave a web of magic, especially Good Fairy… and watching the grandparents watch through their grandchildren’s eyes and getting their enjoyment as strongly as they did as children. Family entertainment at its best.


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Friday 11 Dec ’15 – Sun 3 Jan ’16

Opening night: All tickets £17
Sat 2 Jan 5pm: All tickets £17 (Relaxed performance)
All other performances:
£24.50 Tiered Stalls & Circle
£21.50 Front Stalls
£2 off senior citizens
Children £15.50, £12.00 (back 2 rows of front stalls)

No concessions on Opening Night or Sat 2 Jan 5pm (relaxed performance)

Plus a £1.25 per ticket booking fee (£1.50 if booking through the Box Office) up to a maximum of 10 tickets

Box office 01892 530613 or book online on www.assemblyhalltheatre.co.uk

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