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Spiegeltent – Southbank Centre | until 17th January

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La Soirée is back for its sixth season in London, situated in the Speigeltent on the Southbank until after Christmas, it is delighting audiences once again with its mix of performers from all four corners of the globe.

Describing themselves as a large dysfunctional and ever-expanding global family the performers of La Soirée are a mixed bunch, acrobats, comedians, singers and contortionists provide the base of the most spectacular night out.

Last week I took a visit to see La Soirée with a group of London Theatre Bloggers and had a great time. The show is a crazy mix between a variety show, cabaret and a circus and had something for each of us

Acts to watch out for in La Soirée.


Denis Lock and Hamish McCann are regular performers at La Soirée and were also seen on the Royal Variety Show in 2013 with their act ‘The English Gents‘. They enter the tiny performance area donned in suits, and bowler hats and amaze the audience with their strength and skill as they lift and balance each other before revealing their muscular bods or us all to gawk at. A very impressive act, in every way :D. Search ‘English Gents’ on YouTube and then imagine their act close up – need I say more…

The English Gents star in La Soiree. Image by Olivia Rutherford.jpg
The English Gents. Image by Olivia Rutherford
Bret Pfister. Image by Bertil Nilsson.jpg
Bret Pfister. Image by Bertil Nilsson














The English Gents weren’t the only act using sheer strength, there were several acrobats on the bill that evening Melanie Chy who makes a spectacular entrance on a motorbike before using the bike to perform an amazing balancing act. Bret Pfister (pictured) performs seemingly effortlessly on an ariel ring, and sexy Yammel Rodriguez swings above the audience on a single strap whilst smoking a cuban cigar. It was all extremely impressive.

Asher Treleaven was hilarious! He had the audience in stitches in both his routines, the first in a sexy diabolo juggling number and the second time simply reading a passage from a Mills and Boon novel – simply reading? Oh no…try absolutely hilariously reading – so smutty, it made 50 shades of Grey seem innocent.

Asher Treleaven. Image by Matt Hoyle.jpg
Asher Treleaven. Image by Matt Hoyle
Captain Frodo. Image by Perou (2).jpg
Captain Frodo. Image by Perou














Probably the most anomalous acts of the night was contortionist Captain Frodo. He claims to be the son of a famous Norse magician. He is, as he explains, double jointed, and spent all of his first performance hilariously climbing through two tennis racquets popping his joints out of sockets to do so. It was definitely not for the squeamish.

But there were more, disco tunes were sung by the fabulous Miss Frisky and lots of entertainment was provided by leather clad, crowd surfing, Freddie Mercury fan Clarke McFarlane as Mario, Queen of the Circus – it was non-stop joy!

If the English  Gents weren’t fabulous enough, probably my favourite two acts of this scintillating evening were Denis Lock and Hamish McCann performing their solo acts. Hamish used his personal strength yet again as he performed a mesmerising and sensual dance around a lampost and Denis held the audience agog as he blew bubbles into beautiful shapes and structures – you could hear a pin drop as the enraptured audience gazed on in childlike wonder.

Every act during the evening had the audience spell bound. With La Soirée offering a different combination of acts each evening it is no wonder that people return again and again. I would certainly make a return visit to see what other delights they have.

Sexy, side-splittingly funny and spectacular, La Soirée was great fun and full of ‘variety’ in the truest sense of the word. If you have a group of people looking for something a little different to do this Christmas, look no further than the Speigeltent. Your Group will be talking about it all year!

Reviewer : Sammi O’Neill.



Booking Information.

La Soirée will continue at the Spiegeltent until 17 January 2016.

Due to adult content La Soirée is not suitable for Children.

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