Interview: Suzanne Shaw | Hormonal Housewives

Interview: Suzanne Shaw | Hormonal Housewives

What appealed to you about the script of ‘Hormonal Housewives’ when you first read it?

It’s incredibly funny and I absolutely love the slapstick elements. This really is my kind of comedy!  I also like the fact that it touches on real-life scenarios and the audiences will no doubt wince at the parts they relate to and have a good laugh while they’re at it!          

Is your character anything like you?

Yes!   And I will be injecting some of my very own stories and anecdotes into the script. Also, a little like me, my character goes love having a glass of prosecco in her hand!

What are you most looking forward to about going on the road with Julie and Josephine?

I can’t wait to start working with Julie and Josephine – as soon as I met them I immediately knew we’d have an absolute blast on the road.

Do you have a favourite scene or moment in the show?

It’s hard to say right now and I’ve always found you’ll like a certain scene one day and then another the next. To be honest, the whole show is brilliant so I love every part of it.

What was the last show you toured and how different was it from this one?

The last show wasn’t too dissimilar from this one actually, although we’re not singing in HH.  It was Shout! The Mod Musical which is about five girls going through life in the 1960s and 70s telling their stories through the music of that era – think Lulu, Petula, Sandie, Dusty, Cilla – it was great fun and I loved doing it.   

And tell us five things you couldn’t live without on the road – ie what’s in your bag that you daren’t leave behind!

Make-up and hair products, a hell of a lot of clothes and a bottle of prosecco! Oh no – I really am my character!

Suzanne Shaw will be starring in Hormonal Housewives Autumn 2019

Calling at

Dorking Halls: 5th October 2019

The Hawth, Crawley: 6th November 2019