George Maguire | 20th Century Boy | Interview

George Maguire plays the part of Marc Bolan in the current tour of 20th Century Boy. He answered a few on-the-spot questions about himself and the production.

Hi George, Tell us a little bit about your theatrical background. Did you go have drama lessons or go to a stage school?

I started by going to dance and singing classes at the Joanna school of dance in Guildford when I was 6. Then I went to the Italia Conti Associate school in Guildford before I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to train at their full time Academy in London. All of these places gave me a well-rounded training in performing arts.


Was there a particular inspirational teacher or an actor you admired?

I had many inspirational teachers. One, in particular, was a singing teacher who taught me from the age of 11 to 20 called Simon Carr-Minns. He truly taught me how to sing, how to know my voice.


How did you get the part in 20th Century Boy?

I auditioned a few years ago to be a part of a workshop version of the show. This is when the show is developed into a full production. I was lucky enough to stay with it for its next two sell-out runs. Marc is a very challenging but hugely rewarding character to play


Are you a fan of the music of Marc Bolan?

I absolutely love the music of Marc Bolan. He was an incredibly inventive musician and many of today’s artists are heavily influenced by him.


What’s the hardest thing about doing the show and do you have any funny anecdotes?

It’s a very physically demanding show, so I have to stay fit. There’s a funny story from Ipswich. It was the first preview of the show so we were getting used to quick changes and my wig hadn’t been completely secured for the end of act 1. So the big rock’n’roll ending of Get It On finished with me headbanging and my hair falling off! It has never happened again thankfully!


What do your family think of your performance?

I hope they like it, haha! Seriously, they really love the show and are incredibly supportive. I’m from Guildford so G-Live is a homecoming gig. My family will be there every night.


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Our Review

The smash hit Marc Bolan musical – inspired by the life of rock legend Marc Bolan, explodes onto the stage four decades after the iconic star’s tragic death.

Staged by Gary Lloyd (Thriller Live) and with a West End cast, 20th Century Boy is a glorious story and celebration of glam rock at its colourful best! Featuring the smash hits; Get It On, Ride A White Swan, Metal Guru, I Love To Boogie, Hot Love, 20th Century Boy and many more.



20th Century Boy will be playing at G-Live in Guildford from Thursday 8th – Saturday 10th March.

Tickets available HERE or by telephoning 01483 369350


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