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Snow Queen

Chequer Mead, East Grinstead | Wednesday 28th October at 11:30am & 3pm

Snow Queen


Hold on to your hats and get ready to be blown away by this enchanting new version of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale adventure. Featuring new songs, beautiful costumes and scenery and a host of colourful characters. Wrap up warm and join us for this delightfully laugh-out-loud retelling of a timeless chronicle that will melt your heart.

Far away in the frozen land of Avalonia, the Snow Queen kidnaps a young boy named Kai in order to obtain the full powers of her mystic mirror that will make her immortal. His best friend Gerda, a clumsy, lovable little girl, is the unlikely hero who sets out to rescue him. On the way she finds new friends who help her discover the truth behind the mysterious Snow Queen and her Icy Palace.

A Fun, Frosty, Fast Paced Adventure for the whole family!

Tickets: £11.00, Concessions: £10.00, Family: £36.00