Niamh McGrady | The Night Must Fall | Interview

Niamh McGrady is currently starring in a production of ‘The Night Must Fall’, originally written by Emlyn Williams’ and co-produced by The Original Theatre Company, Eastbourne Theatres and Sebastian Warrack for Salisbury Playhouse. Sammi O’Neill asked her some questions about the role.


Niamh McGrady

Nimah McGrady | Interview


Hi Niamh, you are starring in ‘Night Must Fall’ which has just opened at the Devonshire Park Theatre in Eastbourne before embarking on a tour. It is described as a psychological thriller – what can you tell us about it without giving away the plot?

Its set in the 1930’s in the woods with no electricity and no phones etc. There’s lots of potential for people to get up to no good.


You play Olivia and she if the first to expect that something mysterious is afoot. Do you personally have an inquisitive mind? Can you relate to Olivia at all?

I grew up in a remote area so I understand her frustrations as far as limited amenities go. I also consider myself to have a strong intuition about people and situations, like Olivia. I can relate to her a lot.


'Night Must Fall' TourWhat are you enjoying the most?

Getting to know the other cast


You are playing opposite Gwen Taylor, Daragh O’Malley and Will Featherstone. Have you worked with any of them before?

No but I’m very excited about working with all of them, especially Gwen – big fan of hers!


You are best known for playing Mary-Claire Carter in Holby City and PC Danielle Ferrington in The Fall. But you have also done a fair amount on stage including a couple of Shakespearian productions at the Chichester Festival Theatre, do you have a preference between TV and Stage and what are the challenges of each?

I don’t have a preference. It’s nice to keep doing both as they stretch you in different areas.


The Night Must fall is produced The Original Theatre Company (together with Eastbourne Theatres and Sebastian Warrack for Salisbury Playhouse). A renowned touring company – have you been on a theatrical tour before and what are you looking forward to most?

I haven’t toured in a very long time so I’m looking forward to discovering new places.


The Night Must Fall has been made into two films (in 1937 and 1964) is it time for a remake and how would you bring it up to date?

Yes, it’s ready for a remake and I’m totally ready to star in it. I think the play works in its original setting so there’s no need to modernise it. The writing already feels very contemporary. Emlyn Williams was truly ahead of his time.


Are you familiar with Eastbourne and what are you looking forward to doing most in your time here.

I’ve never been to Eastbourne but I love being by the sea so I can’t wait to explore the area!



'Night Must Fall' TourQuickfire answers!


1.    Favourite UK Seaside Town – Newcastle County Down (home)

2.    Favourite beverage of choice – At the moment it’s Aperol Spritz

3.    Favourite flavour ice-cream – Coconut

4.    Favourite Playwright – Samuel Beckett

5.    A book you have read more than once – Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

6.    If you won a million pounds – I’d buy a house and open an animal sanctuary

7.    Favourite cat’s name – Carrot (my own cat)

8.    If you were to appear on a TV gameshow/reality TV show which would it be? – Strictly or I’d the family onto Family Fortunes

9.    What do you drive – 1980’s Peugeot and a bicycle

10.  Tea or coffee? – Tea



Thanks Niamh for your time, I really hope that The Night Must Fall goes well.

Photo Credits: Alastair Muir